Monday, October 31, 2011

Memphis, TN - Libertyland

 A very kind man once operated the carousel in this park. When a child's balloon flew into the carousel one day, the man offered to retrieve it. He, however, forgot to turn the carousel off and was resultantly decapitated. It is said the man now roams around the attraction occasionally making his presence known.

Medina, TN – The Dollhouse

After being raped and beaten to death by her uncle, a young girl was buried in this cemetery. Around her gave, a dollhouse was built. It is said that after dark one may see the girl inside the dollhouse playing and talking with her dolls.

Bartlett, TN - Blackwell House

It is said that no family has been able to live in this exquisite home for more than a month or so. There are reports of a man walking through the house dressed in his Sunday best all night. It is said that if one drives by the house at night, either every light will be on or no lights may be on at all. There is one particular report of a family that awoke one night to find the lamp on the night stand on. They turned it off. An hour later, they woke up again to find this lamp on. This time, they unplugged it. A little while later, they saw the bulb glowing again, but the lamp was still unplugged. Suddenly, the bulb exploded into flames. The next day, they hear that Mr. Blackwell never let his children sleep in the dark.

Kingsport, TN - Rotherwood Mansion

The Rotherwood Mansion, off Netherland Road, is said to be haunted by a young woman who died in the river that runs beside the mansion. Her father, a wealthy land owner, frowned on her love with a soldier, and forbade them ever to see each other. One night before going to war, however, the young soldier came to see his lover. The woman's brother found them, fought the young soldier, and threw him in the river. The soldier was then swept away with the current. Heartbroken, the women, threw herself.
Now on foggy, full moon nights, people have reported 2 things. They said they saw a woman in a wedding dress in her room window, crying and they saw a woman in a wedding dress rushing down Holston River.

Paris, TN – Dumpling Hill Cemetery

The ghost of a slave hanged for a petty crime is often seen and heard here attempting to chase away any visitors.

Smyrna, TN - Old Farmhouse

Long ago, a doctor and his wife lived in the farmhouse. Tragically the wife fell ill and her husband vowed to take care of her. The woman died, however. Devastated, the doctor hanged himself. It is said that on some nights one may see a man in a white laboratory coat walking around the grounds of the farm.

Trenton, TN - Sleepy Hollow Lane

It has been rumored that if one stops on the road, rolls down the window, turns the ignition off, and then yells, "Come to me" three times, he will hear and see many ghosts. The car will the not be able to start until the next morning.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

White Bluff, TN - The White Screamer

In this small town of White Bluff there's a famous hollow where the White Screamer dwells. No one knows exactly what it is or its origin. It's said to be a white misty form that wails and cries and screams enough to make any person go insane, thus gaining its title of "The White Screamer". It has also been noted that if one ventures to the spot where they might've seen the White Screamer, the grass will be burned away. Allegedly, around the 1920's a young man built his family of a wife and seven.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oliver Springs, TN - Harvey's Furniture & Appliance Co.

A white woman was murdered on the site this store is built; a young black child was blamed but suspicion was high that a longstanding dispute with another white family had resulted in her murder. The child committed suicide, also suspiciously. Later the boy's name was cleared. Vague stories of apparitions seen at the site.

I could not a picture of the store, so here is something creepy instead.

Nashville, TN - RCA Studio B

This legendary studio has recorded some of the greatest American singers and songwriters in history. Once frequented by Hank Snow, Jim Reeves, Earnest Tubb, Dolly Parton, Roy Orbison, Roger Miller, Waylon, Eddy Arnold, Connie Francis, and The Everly Brothers. Elvis’ ghost reportedly haunts the place as well. Elvis Presley, dead since 1977, recorded his breakout hit "Heartbreak Hotel" here, and went on to find legendary status on planet Earth, and perhaps beyond.

 After the recording studio was converted to a TV production studio, production staff said that every time the name "Elvis" was mentioned (or at least quite a few different times) something odd would happen - ladders fell, light bulbs blew out, odd noises would ring through the studio, etc.

Nashville, TN - Capitol Records Building

The building is haunted by two reclusive sisters whose home sat on the site.

Memphis, TN - The National Ornamental Metal Museum

The Ornamental Metal Museum is formerly the Marine Hospital. Like just about every other hospital in the United States, the basement of the hospital held the morgue. A yellow fever epidemic broke out in Memphis in 1878.

Yellow fever victims die a miserable death, including:  (of course) high fever and jaundice, vomiting, constipation, epigastria distress, headache, muscle pains (especially in the neck, back, and legs), severe prostration (exhaustion or weakness), restlessness, vomiting of blood, mucosal hemorrhages, petechiae and/or ecchymosed (multiple tiny pinpoint bruising), renal dysfunction and scanty or absent urination, dehydration, apathy, confusion, dark or tarry stools, abnormal uterine bleeding, progressing to delirium, convulsions, coma, and finally death. Terminal signs include: hypothermia, agitated delirium, intractable hiccups, hypoglycemia, stupor, and coma. The morgue was literally stuffed with dead people during the epidemic.
The actual hospital is fenced off and hasn't been in use since the military left it empty in the 1980's. The museum is the former quarters for the medical personnel and officers. The basement used to connect with the hospital via an underground tunnel and serve as a small overflow morgue. Imprisoned workers who had renovated a "bloody chute" into a stairway ran screaming from the basement area in the 1980's. From that time until today, people have reported seeing apparitions of soldiers and overwhelming feelings of terror in certain parts of the building, especially the library and the aforementioned "bloody chute" staircase.



Smyrna, TN - Fate Sanders Recreation Area

A little boy told two fishermen he was lost, and one of them went with him to look for his father. Awhile later, the fisherman who stayed with the truck heard the boy laughing, and assumed they had found his dad. The little boy came up to his truck after quite a long wait, still laughing, and tried to get the second fisherman to come see "something neat" his dad wanted to show him. The guy freaked at this point and peeled out - and the other guy was never seen again. He could still hear him laugh as he pulled away. It is said that the little boy's laughter can be heard at night.


Hurricane Mills, TN - Loretta and Mooney Lynn's Dude Ranch

Loretta Lynn makes no bones about the fact that she thinks her antebellum plantation house is haunted. If you catch her hour long special every October on the History channel, you'll see that she is a firm believer in several ghosts, including a lady in white who haunts the family graveyard that sits on the property, a confederate soldier (19 are supposedly buried around the property), rattling chain noises that come from an area that was once used for punishing slaves, and the violent spirit of the home's former owner. Lynn, who owns the entire village of Hurricane Mills, offers tours of the big house, and has a campground near it as well.


Hendersonville, TN - Trinity Broadcasting Theatre

Formerly Conway Twitty's "Twitty City", it is now the base for the giant pink and purple haired televangelist lady and her husband (Jan and Paul Crouch) who broadcast their Christian programming from here. A ghost of a man in black whose description sounds vaguely like Johnny Cash or Roy Orbison (take your pick) wanders the halls listening to the gospel get fired out to the nation from their 5000 watt mega tower.


Franklin, TN - Carter House

If you're in Franklin, stop by the Carter House, which is a cool little tour of a house caught directly in the middle of the gunfire.  The son of this plantation owner was sent to fight literally in his own back yard during the battle, and died there. He has been seen in one of the bedrooms.  Also a toddler, said to be one of the original owner's children who died after a fall, haunts.


Franklin, TN - Carnton Plantation

The town of Franklin was the site of a horrific Civil War battle, and the scars of it are still seen all over the town. Everywhere you look are historical markers, carefully cared for period homes and rows of headstones bearing the names of young men who died on November 30th, 1864.
As is par for the course when you visit plantation homes, especially near battlefields, the Carnton Plantation served as a field hospital after the bloody battle, which fed the nearby largest privately owned confederate cemetery.
Ghosts that have been spotted in the stately home include a black woman in antebellum styled clothing that disappeared before the witnesses' eyes. Moans, cries, drums beating, and the sound of running have been unexplained so far.
After the battle of Franklin on November 30, 1864, five injured Confederate generals were laid on the front porch of this old mansion where they subsequently died. Caroline Winder McGavock, who comforted the soldiers before they died, has since been spotted at various places in and around the house. There have also been reports of one of the generals riding a horse through the fields of the mansion.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wartrace, TN - Walking Horse Hotel & Restaurant

This town was where the malnourished and sickly confederate war prisoners were set free after the civil war  many died in the hotel shortly after release. This building also bore witness to a Vietnam vet who went on a killing spree during an flashback in the late 70's.
You can hear walking and running in the hallways, gunshots, and many voices (as in a group of people) talking late at night. There are 13 rooms in the hotel: room 11 has a very eerie feel to it, as though you are being watched.


Ooltewah, TN - Super 8 Motel

A terrified looking young woman has been seen undressing on a bed, then fades away, accompanied by feelings of terror and dread. It has been postulated that it is the ghost of a murdered prostitute.



Nashville, TN - Gaylord Opryland Hotel

The phantom of Hank Williams was seen by a worker. When a cover band was playing a Hank Williams song, the electricity went out. Also a woman's ghost has been seen in the hallways at night.


Nashville, TN - Congress Inn

One visitor in the 1980's awoke to find that their legs were being "held down" by an unknown force. The building was used as an army hospital.


Gatlinburg, TN - Sunspree Resort Holiday Inn

Varied and multiple accounts of paranormal activity is reported. Folklore surrounding the building includes a businessman who went for a swim, then killed himself by self inflicted gunshot in room 471 in the late 1990's. His apparition is said to haunt the pool area. Another story involves a Boy Scout leader who killed some of his scouts while staying on floor 7. When the building was empty during a winter hiatus, an employee claimed to have heard screaming and sounds of feet running in the empty 7th floor. Room 413 is haunted by a girl who was drowned in the bathtub by a man she and her friend were partying with in the 1970's. The maids have said objects move around the room and the bathroom has odd noises that scare them. The other girl, who went to smoke on the stairwell near the kitchen, was then strangled by the man as well.  A former cook is said to haunt the kitchens here, throwing dishes and turning faucets on and off.

There was no boy scout massacre, rather a troop that had stayed there lost a scout on a camp-out nearby (he died somehow), and the leader, distraught, killed himself (but not at the hotel) following the death. The girls were murdered in the hotel in 1980: named Jenny Stevens and Tonya Roberts, both from Crestwook KY. The man was a 26 year old bouncer from a local bar named Allan Wayne Hughes. The incident was drug-related. The account written here says "Jenny and Tanya Roberts were from Crestwood, Kentucky and on their way home from visiting Tanya’s grandmother when they stopped for the night in Gatlinburg, TN. That night a bouncer from a local night club followed them to their room where he first killed Jenny. Tanya ran down the hall beating on doors screaming for help when he caught up with her. Killing her and leaving her body in the stairwell."

Manchester, TN - Historic Tower House Inn

This bed and breakfast boasts the ghost of a former owner, who has been spotted in the small Civil War museum they have, and also the parlor. The man's wife is heard crying during storms. A toddler aged boy is seen in the upstairs room he used to occupy.


Knoxville, TN - The Andrew Johnson Motel

One account claimed that Country songwriter and performer extraordinaire Hank Williams (senior) stayed here the night of his accidental death at the age of 29. The drug and alcohol addled Williams were officially found in the back seat of his car, and had asphyxiated after over-medicating himself. Rumors have circulated, according to this source that Williams actually died in his room at the hotel, and the chauffer moved his body to the car and drove it to West Virginia, where it was found by police. The mournful singing of old Hank is said to be heard on lonely Tennessee nights in the vicinity of the hotel. It's unclear whether this building still has lodging.


Gatlinburg, TN - Rocky Top Village Inn

A double murder occurred here in 1986, which was featured on the popular true crime TV show "City Confidential". A group of four drug addicted losers ran out of money and drugs in Gatlinburg and killed a female clerk and a male security guard in a botched robbery (and in a particularly grisly manner), leaving a pathetic note behind in a phone booth:

"Policeman Please forgive me for killing thoss 2 pople in galtinburg. I was just wanting the money in the room, but the guard wanted to take my gun. Joe seen him he hit him with Light, then he went cazy cutting them up, he mayed me shoot them hope they were already dead then hope I missed girl she was Nice. Had shoot guard Between eyes. Sorry about all this but Joe's mean he would killed me to if i haded done what he said .hope they had no kids cann't sleep thinking about. sorry it happen please forgive me hope I can start sleeping, if not gonna kill my self. gonna home hope I can get away of from Joe he's mean he'll kill me if he knows I wrote letter. that's allright got ask for forgive Ness. cann't Live Like I am Now. Here girLs knife,hope means something to someone. No good for anything.Please forgive me.please Do hope they had No kids Cann't Live with my self.”

The current staff doesn't like to address questions about the murders or any paranormal rumors. The stories include an apparition near the fountain, and screams from the parking lot (the people were killed in the back office area).


Dover, TN - The Riverfront Plantation Inn

A Civil War field hospital, this was once called the Crow Home - haunting include doors that open and shut themselves and cries and moans.

Dandridge, TN - Mountain Harbor Inn

The apparition of a little girl is said to haunt the balcony, and benevolent apparitions of a man and woman are said to haunt the hotel.