Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Franklin, TN - Carnton Plantation

The town of Franklin was the site of a horrific Civil War battle, and the scars of it are still seen all over the town. Everywhere you look are historical markers, carefully cared for period homes and rows of headstones bearing the names of young men who died on November 30th, 1864.
As is par for the course when you visit plantation homes, especially near battlefields, the Carnton Plantation served as a field hospital after the bloody battle, which fed the nearby largest privately owned confederate cemetery.
Ghosts that have been spotted in the stately home include a black woman in antebellum styled clothing that disappeared before the witnesses' eyes. Moans, cries, drums beating, and the sound of running have been unexplained so far.
After the battle of Franklin on November 30, 1864, five injured Confederate generals were laid on the front porch of this old mansion where they subsequently died. Caroline Winder McGavock, who comforted the soldiers before they died, has since been spotted at various places in and around the house. There have also been reports of one of the generals riding a horse through the fields of the mansion.


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Mags said...

I grew up near here. Carnton has always been one of my favorite spooky spots.