Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gatlinburg, TN - Rocky Top Village Inn

A double murder occurred here in 1986, which was featured on the popular true crime TV show "City Confidential". A group of four drug addicted losers ran out of money and drugs in Gatlinburg and killed a female clerk and a male security guard in a botched robbery (and in a particularly grisly manner), leaving a pathetic note behind in a phone booth:

"Policeman Please forgive me for killing thoss 2 pople in galtinburg. I was just wanting the money in the room, but the guard wanted to take my gun. Joe seen him he hit him with Light, then he went cazy cutting them up, he mayed me shoot them hope they were already dead then hope I missed girl she was Nice. Had shoot guard Between eyes. Sorry about all this but Joe's mean he would killed me to if i haded done what he said .hope they had no kids cann't sleep thinking about. sorry it happen please forgive me hope I can start sleeping, if not gonna kill my self. gonna home hope I can get away of from Joe he's mean he'll kill me if he knows I wrote letter. that's allright got ask for forgive Ness. cann't Live Like I am Now. Here girLs knife,hope means something to someone. No good for anything.Please forgive me.please Do hope they had No kids Cann't Live with my self.”

The current staff doesn't like to address questions about the murders or any paranormal rumors. The stories include an apparition near the fountain, and screams from the parking lot (the people were killed in the back office area).


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