Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gatlinburg, TN - Sunspree Resort Holiday Inn

Varied and multiple accounts of paranormal activity is reported. Folklore surrounding the building includes a businessman who went for a swim, then killed himself by self inflicted gunshot in room 471 in the late 1990's. His apparition is said to haunt the pool area. Another story involves a Boy Scout leader who killed some of his scouts while staying on floor 7. When the building was empty during a winter hiatus, an employee claimed to have heard screaming and sounds of feet running in the empty 7th floor. Room 413 is haunted by a girl who was drowned in the bathtub by a man she and her friend were partying with in the 1970's. The maids have said objects move around the room and the bathroom has odd noises that scare them. The other girl, who went to smoke on the stairwell near the kitchen, was then strangled by the man as well.  A former cook is said to haunt the kitchens here, throwing dishes and turning faucets on and off.

There was no boy scout massacre, rather a troop that had stayed there lost a scout on a camp-out nearby (he died somehow), and the leader, distraught, killed himself (but not at the hotel) following the death. The girls were murdered in the hotel in 1980: named Jenny Stevens and Tonya Roberts, both from Crestwook KY. The man was a 26 year old bouncer from a local bar named Allan Wayne Hughes. The incident was drug-related. The account written here says "Jenny and Tanya Roberts were from Crestwood, Kentucky and on their way home from visiting Tanya’s grandmother when they stopped for the night in Gatlinburg, TN. That night a bouncer from a local night club followed them to their room where he first killed Jenny. Tanya ran down the hall beating on doors screaming for help when he caught up with her. Killing her and leaving her body in the stairwell."

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Overseer said...

It looks like you encountered an angry relative one of the girls who were murdered.

They show up angrily everywhere on the interenet where this gets discussed.

While I certainly understand their sentiment, it gets tiresome seeing these same comments in regards to such an interesting subject.

I have had several experiences in this hotel as have many other people. It's one of the more fascinating places in the town and there isn't much information on it due to locals and relatives being so outspoken trying ridicule the notion of the paranormal presences because they find it offensive.

Do yourself a favor and speak with any security guard currently or formerly employed at the hotel, also book a stay and soak in he atmosphere. It is heavy.