Monday, November 14, 2011

Hendersonville, TN - Hendersonville High School

Stories go that Colonel Barry who used to own the property haunts the high school. Staff and custodial staff often heard extra footsteps and the fire doors would open and shut, as if somebody opened them to walk through. A teacher was once sitting in the bleachers watching cheerleading practice below and she heard footsteps coming up to her, but nobody was there. She called practice off and refused to go in the bleachers at night.

Formerly Hendersonville High School, this school is reputed to be haunted by a phantom known as "The Colonel." A former night cleaning staff working at night have heard his footsteps walking the upstairs hall when the place was supposed to be empty and another person has seen a figure lurking in the windows of the library on the second floor. The round structure was built with a lot of steel which might account for the nature of the sounds and haunting.


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Timothy Yohe said...

Cool post, Tyler! Schools tend to be overlooked as haunted sites. This is another example that gives them merit. Thanks for sharing!