Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bolivar, TN - Parran House

This story is documented and can be found in the History section of the library located in Bolivar, TN.
Dave Parran was a simple man who lived in a house known to locals as the “Wedding Cake House” in Bolivar, TN. He was an undertaker who would often sit on his rocker all day, talking to anyone who would pass by. Parran died in 1936, at the age of 86. He had lived in his house for 75 years, and absolutely loved his home. After his death, most of the locals said the thing they’d miss most was passing by his house and seeing him rock.
Dave Parran’s old rocker still sits on the porch of the Wedding Cake House. Sometimes, it will gently rock back and forth, even when there is no breeze. Some people have also seen Dave Parran’s apparition, rocking peacefully in his favorite chair. Others have said they heard Mr. Parran rummaging through his house in the middle of the night.
No one has ever been frightened by the ghost, and everyone agrees that this is a benevolent spirit. So if you pass by the Wedding Cake House, be sure and look at the rocker. You might get a ghostly welcome.
This house is located in the Historical District in downtown Bolivar near the McNeal House.

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