Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brighton, TN - Old Brighton High School

In what is now the senior center, there are class pictures going back to 1930 so the buildings have been around for a long time. There is a shadow that can be seen in the area between the bathrooms. When you stand outside the building you can see a shadow moving around since the lights are left on in the bathroom and in the kitchen, both areas have the light blacked out. We have cheer practice in this building and have 2 girls who have said they've seen somebody when nobody was there when inspected. In the gym across the street (where we held practice at first) we had the lights turned on and off by themselves. There is also a report of 1 of the squads practice interrupted by people talking and the heavy metal door opening and shutting but nobody there. The door was then locked so it could not be opened from the outside and made sure it was only the squad members the and coaches- still the door opened, light went off and talking. Also recently we had to use the gym since the other building was in use, a parent started itching and scratching for no reason but when down the street she stopped. She and I both got strange feelings that someone was there besides the girls. Her daughter is also very nervous to go in there for any reason and a couple of them refuse to go anywhere in that building alone and with the lights off. A very strange feeling and sounds from any of the buildings, two of which are closed off. She was going to talk to the fire department soon- which is located in the same parking lot and converted 1 small building into their "supply" room. Not sure but the fire department may have been a "shop" building at 1 time in the school's history and then converted (or the fire department all along) either way it been there for a long while too.

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