Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bristol, TN - Weaver Cemetery

     Weaver Cemetery is located in Sullivan County, TN, just outside of Bristol. It's associated with Weaver Union Church, a quaint little country church.
     Weaver Cemetery is ancient, and is one of the oldest cemeteries in the state. Not surprisingly, it's said to have gained some ghosts over the years. These tales tend to be the usual feelings of presences, and an occasional apparition. There is also said to be a "black aggie" that haunts the cemetery, though details are quite sketchy. Like all over aggies, it's said to come out at night and roam among the stones.
     People have recorded high EMF readings, vortexes, and feelings of wooziness, and being followed.  Sounds like a fun place to visit at night.

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Unknown said...

I played here along with my friends a whole lot growing up and there was many times we would wander that graveyard at night. Not for ghosts but because there's a sign there saying to be out at dark and of course u can't tell a group of punks to not do something haha but nothing strange ever happened to us. Not even and uneasy feeling. I do believe the school next door is haunted though.