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Jefferson City, TN - Jefferson City Inn

Jefferson Inn is what it was last called, but now it is the home of Lisa Sczcesny and Scott Arnold. Built during the Civil War it was called the colonial hotel. Many deaths have occurred there. One man is said to have shot his self in the kitchen, another was pushed down the stairs by his wife and killed. a slave hung herself in the basement. Sometimes at night you can hear a woman screaming on the stairs and shutters opening and closing. And once and a while you see images in mirrors and guns going off.

Henry, TN - Springville Ghost

This is in a small neighborhood town. It's on a side road. There is a little drive off of the side road (it is a dirt road) that goes back into fields, but on each side there is lots of tress, but now they keep it chained up. A lot of years ago, a man was hung down there and they say his spirit still haunts this place. When you drive down the road you have to go all the way until you come to a dead end. You will see a lantern swinging in the mist like as if someone has it walking towards you. Sometimes your car will not start. The owner of the property was not responsible if anything happened to anyone. Still to this day the Springville Ghost exists.

Harrogate, TN - Lincoln Memorial University

Grant Lee Dormitory In the mid 1800`s,when the university was the Four Seasons Hotel, a fire broke out in the sanitarium, which is now Grant Lee Dormitory, burning the building to the ground. All survived except for a woman, who was wearing a red dress, and her child, on the fourth floor. In the 1960`s a fire broke out again, and once again the building was burned to the ground. Witnesses say they saw a lady standing in a fourth floor window, wearing a red dress, shouting for help. The sounds of someone up the stairs to the fourth floor can sometimes be heard still, and some still claim to see the lady run down the hall to her child’s room.
LP Dorm, A foreign exchange student reported being held down by an unknown force and talked to in a very rapid voice in English on three separate occasions. The student could not understand what was said due to the rapid speech.

Radio Station, The apparition of the man in black has been seen.

Harriman, TN - Swan Pond Community Church

It has been heard that the pastor of this church hung himself in one of the rooms in the church. There has been a lot of people that have heard noises when no one or nothing was around. In pictures you can see different sizes and orb shapes. You can hear doors slam, and at night, it has been told that you can see red or green lights that are shaped like eyes. It has also been told that on a certain Saturday of the month, if you drive three circles around this church at a specific time, you will see nothing around you, everything seems to disappear momentarily. All of the windows and doors are boarded, but they still have services here but only on Sunday morning. It is said that there are only a handful of people that attend, it's strange because the church is enormous.

Directions: Once you get to Harriman, ask where TVA is. Instead of turning down the road where TVA is, keep going. You`ll cross some rail road tracks and up to your right, you will see a sign that says Swan Pond Methodist Church. Then, you are there.

Greeneville, TN - General Morgan Inn

The General Morgan Inn used to be a tavern/brothel or just had friendly bar maids during the civil war era. Eventually it has passed through several owners hands and been built into a beautiful old fashioned hotel where several people have dies over the years. The top floor is a suite where strange things have occurred such as lights turning on and off painting moving, phones ringing the front desk when the phone is unplugged shadows in the dark and in the lobby there are drapes hanging high above the lobby that sometimes sway when there is no breeze up there.

Greeneville, TN - Old Arch Rail Road Bridge

Old Arch Rail Road Bridge Slaves were supposedly hung on the bridge, and at night you hear things such as large rocks falling in the water. Sometimes you hear voices, but usually large splashes in the water.

Graysville, TN - Graysville Mountain

It has been rumored for a long time now that the rock overhang on the mountain is haunted by several ghost that come out at night. Feelings of suicide have over whelmed ones visiting.

Germantown, TN - Shelby Forest

There has been a man seen in the woods several times known as Pigman when approached he disappears he has a pig like face and others haunt this wooded area too. It is only likely that you'll see pig man at night but carry a flashlight to see other strange things.

Gatlinburg, TN - Greenbrier Restaurant

At the Greenbrier Restaurant the ghost of a young woman who committed suicide in the restaurant can sometimes be seen.

Gallatin, TN - Lang Farm

Judge August Peck and a friend were riding in his horse and buggy past the Lang`s Farm, when he saw David Lang in his pasture He waved, and David waved back. Then the farmer simply vanished into mid-air. David`s wife, who was sitting in the yard with their two small children, also witnessed the disappearance and went screaming into the field. Judge Peck stopped his buggy and the two men joined Mrs. Lang searching for her husband. Neighbors were called from miles around to aid in the search. The spot where the man disappeared was dug up and every inch of the surrounding countryside was searched. Bloodhounds were brought in by the sheriff, yet the trail ended at the spot where he vanished. Every night for two weeks, people could here David`s voice calling for help from the field, but David Lang was never seen again! The following spring, the spot where the man vanished was marked by a circle of dead grass 15 feet in diameter. For many years, no one would set foot into that fallow field. The incident occurred on September 23, 1880.

Gallatin, TN - Loco Lupes Restaurant

It was built in the 1800`s and before it was a restaurant in was the Sumner County Jail. If your in the restaurant late at night. Upstairs you can hear voices, knocking on walls, and slamming door`s also you can hear someone walking on the stair`s. If your downstairs you can hear the toilets flush and the water faucet will turn off and on.
I could not get a pic.

Fairview , TN - CCC Road Ghost

There have been claims that a ghost can be seen at night along CCC road. There is a long black fence that stretches for a very long time near where CCC Road and Brush Creek intersect. The ghost has been described as white with glowing red eyes.

Erwin, TN - Bumpass Cove Graveyard

Bumpass Cove Graveyard is located off on a tall hill off Bumpass Cove Road way back to where the road leads. It is said that a jeep crash took place there off the side of a hill when a couple where sitting in a dirt spot beside the circular graveyard, when the man knocked the car out of gear and it tumbled down the mountain into the river. When the moon is full and at Midnight, you drive around the graveyard 3 times, the Jeeps headlights will appear and chase you a short distance. No color has been identified, just the outline. One thing is for sure, it exists.

Erwin, TN - Jobe Cemetery

Jobe Cemetery is said to be haunted by a spirit of a mean hobo that died about 100 years ago he is said to still haunt this place and scare local residence that dare visit the cemetery.

Elizabethton, TN - The Steel Bridge

A long time ago a young man and woman were under the steel bridge on a date. The two were robbed! The girl was stabbed and died immediately. The boy was stabbed and ran from robber. He stopped a car on the bridge and jumped into the back seat. Now every year on Halloween night at midnight you can drive onto the bridge and stop in the middle and someone will get into your back seat! You can see the impression of their weight on the seat. You can even try it with your doors locked and he will still get in!

Elizabethton, TN - Highland Cemetery

Granny February`s Tomb a local legend, is said to buried there. If you go to her grave at midnight on Halloween, it is said you will hear her rocking in her rocking chair.

Dyersburg, TN - Dyersburg Middle School

In 1977 two teachers were murdered in the gym of the school. These two people had been having an affair and the wife found out and shot them. She was sent to an insane asylum where she died a few years later. The ghosts of these two teachers haunt the gym. October 2004 update: Dyersburg Middle School`s Gym has been torn down. They have built a new school, and the remains of the old school is still standing and is the Dyersburg City School Systems office.
New School Building

Dry Hollow, TN - Crazy George`s Bridge

It is said that an old railroad worker was working on night under the bridge and he slipped and fell and got knocked out with his head on the tracks and the train decapitated him. If you go there on a rainy, stormy night you can see him walking with a lantern looking for his head.

Dover, TN - Fort Donnellson National Battlefield

Said to be dead soldiers walking at night. Gun shots fired throughout the night.

Cemetery haunted by the ghost of Civil War infantryman Reuben Hammond, who is buried there. Reuben believes his job is to stand watch and make sure his dead comrades are safe. He's also very lonely and sad because no one talks to him. Even if you can't see him, just a simple greeting makes his day (or eternity, as it were). He'll follow you around for a while because he is just so glad of your company, and will wave from the top of the cemetery as you leave. His name is listed in the records at the Surrender House. We knew of him because he called out his name as we pulled up to park the car.

Decherd, TN - North Junior High School

There is the spirit of a girl who haunts the school. She will call out to you, calling out your name in a pleading voice, asking for help. But when you turn to see where the voice is, there will not be anyone there. Her voice is normally heard in the afternoon and early evening.

Crossville, TN - Grassy Cove Community Caves/Cemetary

Grassy Cove is a little known community just south of Crossville in Cumberland County, TN, along the way to Spring City, near the Roane County line. It`s a quiet little valley, with some of the most beautiful scenes in the entire state. It`s hard to believe that long ago, this place had a dark secret.

During the Civil War, there were many mines and caverns used to produce saltpeter, which was very important to the war effort. A few years after the war, some boys were exploring the caves when they made a startling discovery: the petrified body of a man! This was an odd discovery, and no one knows exactly why the body had seemed to turn to rock. The body was taken to the coroner`s office, but no one claimed it. Eventually it was buried in the cemetery surrounding the Methodist Cemetery in Grassy Cove.

According to the legend, this is when the unrest began. At night, moans could be heard coming from the cave where the body was found. Screams could be heard along the road in front of the church where the body had been buried.

The door to the church was opened and slammed shut by unseen hands. The situation continued to get worse, and people refused to go to the church out of fear.

There was a former slave named Simon who had initially warned against burying the body at the church. At the time, the locals had scoffed at him, but now they began to think that perhaps he had been right. This former slave was also the grave digger, so he was summoned to remove the body from the grave and return it to the caves. Simon agreed to do it, but stated that there should also be a funeral held for the man. The preacher agreed. Simon then returned the body to a nearby cave, but never told anyone what cave he placed it in. As expected, the sounds ended.

So if you`re ever exploring an empty cave in the Grassy Cove area, and find a body, your best bet might to be just to leave it alone!

Carthage, TN - Billy Hollow RD

There was a small private plane crashed between Billy Hollow RD and Dean Hill Rd many years ago. There were four passengers and one pilot on board the plane. One passenger was a woman and her infant baby. Throughout the years, several different types of people have reported hearing and seeing many strange things around those hills. The most popular tale is that if you drive down Billy Hollow RD or Dean Hill RD anytime after dark, you can hear either/or a baby crying or its mother desperately trying to locate it. Other stories include sightings of five strange looking "people" walking alongside Billy Hollow RD. But when you turn around and go back to get a better look, there is no one around, and nowhere that they could have disappeared to so suddenly, unless they simply vanished. Another story says that when you are driving one of the two roads, your car will suddenly die and as you try to start it back it won`t start. Then just as you start to panic, your car roars to life once again. Yet another unexplained incident in Tennessee`s ghostly history.

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Gallatin, TN - South Tunnel - The Lady in White

In the 1840s, railroads were becoming very important in the US. Most railroads were located in the North and the West, but there were a number in the South as well. One of these is the railroad which now cross through Sumner County, TN, near Portland and Gallatin, which would connect Louisville and Nashville. These railroads were partially the result of a visionary named George Rodamore. He believed that the small community he lived in had potential to grow and prosper, and that establishing a railroad through the area was the best way to do this.

With Rodamore's influence, plans were soon underway to establish a set of tracks through the area. They were surveyed and built during the 1850s. Through a ridge in the area, a tunnel was constructed. It was this tunnel that gave the town of South Tunnel its name. By 1859, the railway was completed, and began being used. It appeared that the town of South Tunnel was well on its way to becoming a major stop on the railway. Tragically, other events would prevent this from coming to pass.

In April 1861, the Civil War had broken out, and Tennessee had joined the Confederacy. During the war, the Union went right to the Confederacy's railways, and destroyed as many as possible. These were the lifeways of the Confederacy,  and without them, the South stood little chance of winning the war. However, Union forces had now occupied Nashville, and were using the railway as a supply line. On August 12, 1862, the Confederate Army, under the command of General John Hunt Morgan, destroyed the tunnel by crashing a locomotive into a barrier. This was successful as it temporarily stopped the flow of supplies to the U.S. Army in Nashville, but it simply delayed the inevitable.

Today, South Tunnel is a small community in rural Sumner County. The railway still exists, but is not as vital as it once was, and as a result, South Tunnel has gone the way of many railroad communities. South Tunnel does, however, have a resident spook. This enigmatic figure is known as the Lady in White. She has been seen wandering around the railroad tracks late at night, and into the woods and yards of those who live near the tracks. No one is really sure of her origin. She has been captured in pictures, and appears as only an orb, or a glowing light. No one knows who she is. Perhaps she is a remnant of the once flourishing railroad town of South Tunnel.

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Sugoinsville, TN - New Providence Church

New Providence Presbyterian Church is located in Sugoinsville, TN, just off Highway 11. The church was founded by the Reverend Charles Cummings and the Reverend Samuel Doak in 1780. In the churchyard is an ancient cemetery that contains graves which date back to the early 1800s. If you visit the place, it seems like the perfect place to be haunted.
Of course it is supposed to be haunted. According to legend, the giant White Oak tree in the yard is where the infamous John Murrell robbed and murdered a family (See Long Dog). Many other strange activity has been reported under the tree. Ghostly images and voices can sometimes be heard. Some people have nicknamed the tree "Booger Oak."

Among the graves in the cemetery is the grave of Colonel George Maxwell, a Revolutionary War soldier. Colonel Maxwell died in 1822, and since then his grave is said to be guarded by a black dog. No one knows if the dog was his pet in life, but it (or it's spirit) supposedly guards the grave today. When seen, the dog is said to disappear. It's also said that as you approach Maxwell's grave at night, a flock of birds will erupt and fly away. It's also said that one can hear footsteps in the leaves following them around.

Surgoinsville, TN - The Legend of Long Dog

Along the highways of Upper East Tennessee, a ghost is said to roam. This isn't just any ghost however, it's the ghost of a dog. "Long Dog" what it's been named, and it's known to roam along the highway around Surgoinsville after dark, looking for it's long dead master. Long Dog sightings have been going on for over 150 years, and though they aren't as common today, they still do occur.
During the 1820s or 1830s law and order was hard to come by, especially on the Tennessee frontier. As a result, there were many outlaws who roamed the area, robbing anyone who passed by. Probably the most notorious was John Murrell. Murrell loved to rob anyone who passed by on horseback or in a carriage, and always killed the people he robbed. One night a family camped under an oak tree, and John Murrell killed them all, even the family dog who tried to protect his family.

It wasn't long after this event that people passing through began to see a strange dog. It was very long, and ghostly. It scared many people, but anyone who ever got a look at it knew it didn't mean any harm. It always looked so lonely. It would run alongside wagons, and occasionally jump onboard, as though he were looking for someone.
Today, there aren't nearly as many Long Dog sightings as there once were, due in large part to everyone driving much faster on the highway than they did during pioneer days. Still, there is an occasional sighting. We all know that the bond between a boy and his dog can be very strong, and this dog is still looking for his master.

Manson, TN - Old Trinity Church

Old Trinity Episcopal Church is located in rural Tipton County, Tennessee, just outside of Mason. It was founded in 1847 in the place of Saint Andrew's Church, which had burned two years earlier. For over 150 years, it has stood peacefully on the countryside.
Today, descendants of the original members make an annual pilgrimage to the church every Trinity Sunday. The church is also well maintained and the graves taken care of. Sadly, this has not always been the case. For many years, the church was not as well taken care of, and the church and the cemetery was vandalized by a small Satanic cult. No one knows why the cult chose to desecrate this church, but they did. They broke most of the gravestones, and vandalized the church building, which is now being restored. The vandalism apparently happened many years ago.

Perhaps this tragic history plays a role in the unexplained phenomena said to resonate from the church. Behind the  church there is a statue of the Virgin Mary which serves as a gravestone for a woman who died in 1912. It is said that this statue bleeds from the eyes and neck. Perhaps it isn't bleeding, but is crying because of all the horrible scenes it has witnessed.
Aside from this rather unusual occurrence, there are also stories that the church and the cemetery are haunted. People have reported seeing strange lights and hearing noises. Local lore says that the people buried in the cemetery are distressed over the vandalism of their graves.

Nashville, TN - Tennessee State Capitol Building

William Strickland, the renowned American architect who designed the Tennessee Capitol moved to Nashville to oversee the construction expecting to be gone only a short time. Strickland died in Nashville in 1854 still awaiting the completion of the building which had been started in 1845. To honor Strickland, the state of Tennessee entombed him within his masterpiece. Some years after construction was completed, the same honor was bestowed upon Samuel Morgan, chairman of the State Building Commission and the man who had overseen construction. It is said that Morgan’s desire to finish the project under-budget clashed with Strickland’s desire to realize his masterpiece and the two bickered constantly. Indeed, after the two were entombed in the same tomb the sound of two men bickering began to be heard. Even recently, security guards have been disturbed by loud shouts near the tomb.
But the two fighting ghosts are not the only ones witnessed within in the Tennessee Capitol. When the Union occupied Nashville during the Civil War, the capitol, built on the highest hill in the city, was fortified and cannon placed around the building. A small skirmish did occur when rebels attempted to seize the fortress. A Union sentry, possibly related to this conflict has been seen patrolling the grounds and has angrily approached people moving furniture, breaking things or even vandalizing the grounds. On the grounds of the building is the tomb of President James K. Polk and his wife Sarah where a darkly clothed man, possibly Polk himself, has been seen kneeling while the specter of First Lady Rachel Jackson, wife of President Andrew Jackson, is said to appear in the cupola of the building.

Nashville, TN - St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Formerly St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows, St. Mary’s was designed by William Strickland who would later design the state capitol (see below). During the Civil War, the building served as a hospital and according to some sources, some 300 men died on the floors of the church. But, the spiritual activity seems to surround a spectral priest who was seen starting during the Great Depression. Some have identified the spirit as that of Bishop Richard Pius Miles, first bishop of Nashville, whose tomb was discovered in the church in 1969 and he was reburied within the church. According to some the activity ceased after Bishop Miles’ reburial.

Spring Hill, TN - Rippavilla Plantation

Like Savannah’s Cherry Mansion, Rippavilla Plantation in Spring Hill hosted a general on the eve of a major battle, this time Confederate General John Bell Hood and his staff before the Battle of Franklin. After recent investigations of the house by Volunteer State Paranormal Research, one investigator described the house as “the most active site I have ever visited.” Investigations of the house have produced numerous EVPs as well as some personal experiences.

Memphis, TN - Orpheum Theatre

Perhaps one of the more well-known, even famous, ghosts in the state is the girl, Mary, who haunts Memphis’ Orpheum Theatre. The Orpheum anchors one end of the “infamous section” of Beale Street while the Hunt-Phelan House anchors the other. The legend of Mary states that she was killed when she was hit by a car on Beale Street in 1921 and took up residence in the original Orpheum Theatre before it burned in 1923. The current theatre opened in 1928 and still hosts Mary’s antics. She has been seen and heard throughout the theatre.
This is one of the most beautiful theatres that you will enter that has an amazing sound.  There is not a bad listening seat in the house.

Memphis, TN - Hunt-Phelan House

Marking the Lauderdale Street end of the infamous section of Beale Street where Blues music first developed, the Hunt-Phelan House has just as infamous a history. Built in 1832 by George Wyatt, during the Civil War the house was used a headquarters for Confederate General Leonidas Polk while planning the Siege of Corinth, Mississippi and a few months later after the fall of Memphis, the house was headquarters for Union General Ulysses S. Grant while he planned the Vicksburg Campaign. The house then served as a Freedmen’s Bureau and was finally returned to the family by President Andrew Johnson in 1865. More recently, the house has been opened as The Inn at Hunt-Phelan featuring four-star accommodations and restaurants.

As with a house this old and historically important, it does have some legends. Among them is the legend of servant, Nathan Wilson. In 1873, during the height of a yellow fever epidemic, the Hunt family fled Memphis and entrusted a chest of gold to their faithful servant. He was later found dead in his room but the mud on his boots indicating he may have buried the gold before he died. Stories have emerged that his spirit is still seen and will guide people to his treasure.

Savannah, TN - Cherry Mansion

Kathryn Tucker Windham in her 13 Tennessee Ghosts and Jeffrey recounts an interesting occurrence at the Cherry Mansion in 1976. A trio of young people was sitting on the mansion’s porch around 11 PM when a man in a white suit and a wide brimmed hat walked up to the historical marker in front of the house. He stood there for a few moments reading the marker then vanished to the shock of the trio on the porch. This was neither the first nor the last of many strange incidents in the long history of this 1830 house. The owners of the Cherry Mansion during the Civil War were staunch Unionists and opened their home to the generals whose army was camped at nearby Pittsburgh Landing. It was here that General Ulysses S. Grant was having breakfast when he heard the opening shots of the battle that would take its name from a small church nearby, Shiloh.
Two Union generals would die in this house: one wounded in the battle, another cursing the fate that did not allow him to attend to the battle. There is a possibility that both of these men’s spirits still linger in the halls of Cherry Mansion. A figure that resembles a Union officer has been seen staring out a second floor window and the sounds of heavy footsteps have been heard on the porch.

Knoxville, TN - Bijou Theatre

Originally constructed as a hotel, the building that now contains the Bijou Theatre is oldest commercial structure in Knoxville still in commercial use. The building opened as the Knoxville Hotel in 1817 and operated as a hotel for nearly a century. During the Civil War, the hotel, then the Lamar Hotel, served as a hospital and it was here that Union General William P. Sanders died. Possibly some of the deaths and trauma that occurred during this time has left an impression on the building. The hotel was converted into a theatre in 1909 and has hosted live theatre and operated as a pornographic movie house in the 1960s and 70s. Preservationists restored the building for use as a theatre and it remains as such today.

It appears that multiple spirits remain in the theatre. In addition to performers and patrons who have had experiences in the theatre ranging from voices to apparitions, paranormal investigators have recorded EVPs and captured activity on film and video. Among the spirits that apparently haunt the building are a young girl, a stage technician, The General (possibly the spirit of General Sanders) and a construction worker.

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Cowan, TN - Cowan Cemetery

At night you can see the tombstones shine and people sometimes report seeing people standing beside them.

Cordova, TN - Old Town Cemetery

The cemetery is very old due to the graves dating back to the early 1800's. Flashing lights can be seen from the trees at night when no source of light is even visible. And at a certain grave whose name is "Susan" reveals the shadow of a face and orbs when photographed.

Collinwood, TN - City Park

Many of the old folks in Collinwood tell of a tree in the park where slaves were hanged during the slave days. They say that if you walk through the park on stormy nights that all of the trees will be moving from the wind blowing through the branches and leaves except one.

Clifton, TN - Public Library

There is a field behind the Public Library that if you go to between 8:00pm and 5:00am then you can sometimes see a white figure of a man moving around the field. They say that the white figure is a man by the name of Rosco Young Blood who buried his money in the field back in the 1950's and still roams the field trying to find his money that he buried there.