Friday, January 4, 2013

Tullahoma, TN - Hampton Inn

I know someone who works at the hotel. On one of the shifts that she does at night she has to close the pool. The pool is at the end of the hall. She has to make a copy of a room key and use it to get back in the back door. One night she made a key for a room on the first floor. As she walked past that room on her way out to the pool, the door to that room opened. On her way back to the front desk the door closed. She was curious so she looked in the computer and saw that no one was staying in that room. After that incident she hates to walk down that hall at night b/c you can just feel something. She never told anyone at the hotel about it.
About a month later a guest was staying in the room next to it and complained that his key was working but he couldnt open the door. She took his key and made herself one for his room and went with him to his room. His key worked like he said it did but the door wouldnt open. She had an idea that it had to do something with the occurance before. The man made the statement that "its as if a ghost or someone is holding the door closed". She knocked on the door and said, "Hello, this is not your room need to open the door." After that the door was able to be opened instantly. They both looked at each other and she laughed and started to walk off. He asked her if anyone had died in that room and she said no. After asking another employee no one has died in that hotel to anyone`s knowledge.


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