Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clarksville, TN - Austin Peay State University

Trahern Theater The Third floor and stage are apparently haunted by a ghost of a young woman students call "Margaret". Messing with elevators, locking doors, banging lockers, and calling the unfortunate night owl`s name.

This is in relation to the haunting of the school`s Trahern theatre. last year (2002) in a production the theatre department was producing. One afternoon, a perfectly clear afternoon, with no rain, the cast was on stage rehearsing, suddenly the lights dimmed on and off three times at differing periods of length, no more than a few seconds each time. it was clear, there was no reason for the electricity to go out, and no one was in the lighting booth, the lights simply seemed to go out on their own. We all joked it was the ghost, trying to get us to leave her alone.