Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clarksville, TN - Resthaven cemetery

There's a house back behind the actual cemetery that is said to have been the house of a slave owner. As the story goes one of the slaves impregnated the slave owner's daughter by forms of rape. The slave owner killed the slave. It is said that the slave still haunts the house and neighboring cemetery looking for his unborn child. I've been there myself and me and some other people were walking up to the house and light bluish/greenish light crept up the house. so of course we fled to where we were parked on the outside road. we got in the car and as we pulled off a wind of gravel hit the back window. the weird thing was we were on a paved road with no gravel in sight.

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steven looper said...

Where is your accounting of the lore coming from. I can find nothing about a plantation owner killing a slave over the rape of his daughter. Also there is no house to speak of any more. There are two chimneys and a burned out foundation with a couple of out buildings half standing. Im curious about the validity of this posting as i took my teenage daughters with me when i went out to this location.