Saturday, May 25, 2013

Savannah, TN - Cherry Mansion

Kathryn Tucker Windham in her 13 Tennessee Ghosts and Jeffrey recounts an interesting occurrence at the Cherry Mansion in 1976. A trio of young people was sitting on the mansion’s porch around 11 PM when a man in a white suit and a wide brimmed hat walked up to the historical marker in front of the house. He stood there for a few moments reading the marker then vanished to the shock of the trio on the porch. This was neither the first nor the last of many strange incidents in the long history of this 1830 house. The owners of the Cherry Mansion during the Civil War were staunch Unionists and opened their home to the generals whose army was camped at nearby Pittsburgh Landing. It was here that General Ulysses S. Grant was having breakfast when he heard the opening shots of the battle that would take its name from a small church nearby, Shiloh.
Two Union generals would die in this house: one wounded in the battle, another cursing the fate that did not allow him to attend to the battle. There is a possibility that both of these men’s spirits still linger in the halls of Cherry Mansion. A figure that resembles a Union officer has been seen staring out a second floor window and the sounds of heavy footsteps have been heard on the porch.

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