Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sugoinsville, TN - New Providence Church

New Providence Presbyterian Church is located in Sugoinsville, TN, just off Highway 11. The church was founded by the Reverend Charles Cummings and the Reverend Samuel Doak in 1780. In the churchyard is an ancient cemetery that contains graves which date back to the early 1800s. If you visit the place, it seems like the perfect place to be haunted.
Of course it is supposed to be haunted. According to legend, the giant White Oak tree in the yard is where the infamous John Murrell robbed and murdered a family (See Long Dog). Many other strange activity has been reported under the tree. Ghostly images and voices can sometimes be heard. Some people have nicknamed the tree "Booger Oak."

Among the graves in the cemetery is the grave of Colonel George Maxwell, a Revolutionary War soldier. Colonel Maxwell died in 1822, and since then his grave is said to be guarded by a black dog. No one knows if the dog was his pet in life, but it (or it's spirit) supposedly guards the grave today. When seen, the dog is said to disappear. It's also said that as you approach Maxwell's grave at night, a flock of birds will erupt and fly away. It's also said that one can hear footsteps in the leaves following them around.

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