Saturday, May 25, 2013

Surgoinsville, TN - The Legend of Long Dog

Along the highways of Upper East Tennessee, a ghost is said to roam. This isn't just any ghost however, it's the ghost of a dog. "Long Dog" what it's been named, and it's known to roam along the highway around Surgoinsville after dark, looking for it's long dead master. Long Dog sightings have been going on for over 150 years, and though they aren't as common today, they still do occur.
During the 1820s or 1830s law and order was hard to come by, especially on the Tennessee frontier. As a result, there were many outlaws who roamed the area, robbing anyone who passed by. Probably the most notorious was John Murrell. Murrell loved to rob anyone who passed by on horseback or in a carriage, and always killed the people he robbed. One night a family camped under an oak tree, and John Murrell killed them all, even the family dog who tried to protect his family.

It wasn't long after this event that people passing through began to see a strange dog. It was very long, and ghostly. It scared many people, but anyone who ever got a look at it knew it didn't mean any harm. It always looked so lonely. It would run alongside wagons, and occasionally jump onboard, as though he were looking for someone.
Today, there aren't nearly as many Long Dog sightings as there once were, due in large part to everyone driving much faster on the highway than they did during pioneer days. Still, there is an occasional sighting. We all know that the bond between a boy and his dog can be very strong, and this dog is still looking for his master.

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