Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gallatin, TN - Lang Farm

Judge August Peck and a friend were riding in his horse and buggy past the Lang`s Farm, when he saw David Lang in his pasture He waved, and David waved back. Then the farmer simply vanished into mid-air. David`s wife, who was sitting in the yard with their two small children, also witnessed the disappearance and went screaming into the field. Judge Peck stopped his buggy and the two men joined Mrs. Lang searching for her husband. Neighbors were called from miles around to aid in the search. The spot where the man disappeared was dug up and every inch of the surrounding countryside was searched. Bloodhounds were brought in by the sheriff, yet the trail ended at the spot where he vanished. Every night for two weeks, people could here David`s voice calling for help from the field, but David Lang was never seen again! The following spring, the spot where the man vanished was marked by a circle of dead grass 15 feet in diameter. For many years, no one would set foot into that fallow field. The incident occurred on September 23, 1880.

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Kim Goldstein said...

That is friggin spooky !!!