Sunday, December 8, 2013

Germantown, TN - Shelby Forest

There has been a man seen in the woods several times known as Pigman when approached he disappears he has a pig like face and others haunt this wooded area too. It is only likely that you'll see pig man at night but carry a flashlight to see other strange things.


Anonymous said...

Shelby Forest is about 45 minutes from Germantown, TN. Pigman ain't no man at all.

Anonymous said...

Donald from Tipton .

Yeah I used to live in the Frayser area a lot in my day. And yes I have travel the woods in the Shelby Forest a lot back then to . I have ran across the Pig Man and quite a few hairy things out there to . Back then I just love the woods . And still do . I love the fact there are Monster's out there and we just can't explain .