Sunday, December 8, 2013

Harriman, TN - Swan Pond Community Church

It has been heard that the pastor of this church hung himself in one of the rooms in the church. There has been a lot of people that have heard noises when no one or nothing was around. In pictures you can see different sizes and orb shapes. You can hear doors slam, and at night, it has been told that you can see red or green lights that are shaped like eyes. It has also been told that on a certain Saturday of the month, if you drive three circles around this church at a specific time, you will see nothing around you, everything seems to disappear momentarily. All of the windows and doors are boarded, but they still have services here but only on Sunday morning. It is said that there are only a handful of people that attend, it's strange because the church is enormous.

Directions: Once you get to Harriman, ask where TVA is. Instead of turning down the road where TVA is, keep going. You`ll cross some rail road tracks and up to your right, you will see a sign that says Swan Pond Methodist Church. Then, you are there.

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