Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Johnson City, TN - East Tennessee State University

Burleson Hall was a professor who used to teach in Burleson had a daughter who taught there as well. She supposedly killed herself and now haunts the building.

Old Library, If you go to the old library building and enter the stacks there, you might see the ghost of a former librarian. She worked there about 20 years ago and finally retired, but would go just to help put the books back in place, she had a heart attack and died down there. Whenever people were down there, they said they felt like they were being watched, and when they pulled material and left for a minute they`d come back and it was put up, that’s not strange except they were down there by themselves. She appeared to one of the workers and she swore she`d never go down there again.

Lucille Clement Hall, Women`s Residence Hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy that died in the elevator. He is known as "marble boy" and can be heard dropping his marbles on the ceilings of every room in the hall. Don`t yell at him to stop or he will get mad and drop all his marbles. He was also known to turn TV sets off and on, or change the channel, and to turn on the water faucet. Two witnesses reported a bottle of soda went flying through the air for no reason at all.

Gilbreath Hall, Sidney Gilbreath started building this campus years ago. Gilbreath Hall was one of the original buildings in the beginning. Uncle Sid is said to haunt the building. When there is an approaching thunderstorm he has been known to shut the windows and doors that were left open. 

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