Monday, April 14, 2014

Newport, TN - Memorial Building

The memorial building was used back in the 60's to store the remains of bodies that were left behind from a plane crash in Parrotsville, which killed about 6070 people. In 2000, a group of college students decided to do a research paper on the building for their psychology class. The group had to return to the building three times because of being scared out of unexplained things. That night they got ran out by a scream of a women in the attic, so they waited a couple of days and went back. It got to the last guy, and his mission was to go to the gym. He had only been there for three min, and he starting screaming and said that a little boy appeared in front of him sitting in Indian style staring at him. He said the boy had a shaggy bole cut, which was the hair style that was in the 60`s. He said when he looked at the boy he could tell that the boy was startled, because he could see him. He tilted his head back and seamed also. That was by far the last trip they made to finish their project. When the boys went back to review their work, they noticed that when the second guy had went to the basement for his ten minute section. They saw a shadow figure fly by, but when u pause it just right, you can see that there is a figure of a man standing right behind him just staring at the guy.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Lebanon, TN - Cumberland University

Mary White Dormitory
Mary white is said to be haunted by a girl who was murdered. Two roommates were staying for a few days before leaving for Christmas break. In a few towns over a murderer had escaped from a prison. The girls were told to keep their door locked. One of the girls needed to use the restroom. They developed a secret knock so that the other girl would know who it was. The girl left to go to the bathroom and the door was locked behind her. The girl was gone for about 30 minutes and then the girl in the room heard two knocks on the door. She did not open the door, because it was not the secret knock, but kept it locked and made no sound. Several hours later the girl walked out into the hallway to find the hall covered in blood and her roommate dead on the floor. Apparently, the murderer broke into the hall and killed the girl. She haunts the hall and plays tricks on the residents. TVs are known to turn on and off. Doors slam, showers turn on, rooms are trashed, refrigerator doors open, doorknobs fall off, and posters are torn off of the walls.

Memorial Hall, is said to be haunted by several different ghosts. A boy waiting for his class to begin was sitting on the window sill of the third floor. He leaned back on the window and the window gave way, and tragically he fell to his death. It is said that the boy wonders the third floor slamming the doors as he makes his way through the hall. Also, many years ago a science teacher who`s class was on the third floor was leaving for the night. He was making his way down the many flights of stairs when he began experiencing signs of a heart attack. He drove home and died there. Rumor has it that When walking down the stairs at night you will feel someone pushing you and hurrying you down the steps.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lancaster, TN - Center Hill Dam

There is a long rope hanging from a bluff approximately 2 miles from center hill dam. It is said that a while back a man hung himself there and the rope was so long that rescuers merely cut him down as opposed to climbing the bluff and removing the rope. Some people say that on nights when there his no moon you can drive be and see the shape of a man hanging there, but if you get out of the car it is gone.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Knoxville, TN - Hillcrest Nursing Home

North Nursing Home Building "B" was built in 1951,the oldest wing of the Nursing Home was originally used as a T.B. Hospital and years later turned into a Nursing Home. The building is of the Art Deco style and has six floors and a basement. Many who have worked here, have seen ghosts. The ghosts have been of dead people who have worked there years ago, such as Nurses and Maintenance Men who still feel compassionate towards the building and residents. Hillcrest is known for its caring staff. Living and Deceased.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Johnson City, TN - Swingle Hospital

Swingle Hospital was the first hospital in Johnson City. The hospital is located near Science Hill High School and Heritage Manor.

Back in the 1920's, the owner performed simple surgeries in this privately owned estate and all of his patients would die on the operating table. If you slowly walk up the front walkway, between the row of hedges, leading to the main entrance you can hear the voices of the insane doctor and his staff, and if you walk around to the back of the house you can hear the screams of the dead patients, who are buried in the backyard. You cannot get in to the old hospital due to boarded windows and doors.

If you are caught on Swingle property, you can be charged with breaking and entering. Police officers patrol the area, so trespassing is a very bad idea.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Johnson City, TN - Dry Creek

It has been said that if you are out after dark that something will walk up behind you. You can`t see anyone but you can feel their presents. if you run it will chase you but if you stop it will stop. Some people have actually seen it. They have said that it looks like human with no face.