Thursday, April 3, 2014

Johnson City, TN - Swingle Hospital

Swingle Hospital was the first hospital in Johnson City. The hospital is located near Science Hill High School and Heritage Manor.

Back in the 1920's, the owner performed simple surgeries in this privately owned estate and all of his patients would die on the operating table. If you slowly walk up the front walkway, between the row of hedges, leading to the main entrance you can hear the voices of the insane doctor and his staff, and if you walk around to the back of the house you can hear the screams of the dead patients, who are buried in the backyard. You cannot get in to the old hospital due to boarded windows and doors.

If you are caught on Swingle property, you can be charged with breaking and entering. Police officers patrol the area, so trespassing is a very bad idea.


Anonymous said...

Very cool post.. I wonder how many patients had to die before they put him out of buisness...Creepy looking but very pretty well kept landscaping.. Fascinating story with its history

anon said...

they demolished this building sometime within the past couple years.

Unknown said...

This is not true was born there and staff was competent