Friday, April 4, 2014

Knoxville, TN - Hillcrest Nursing Home

North Nursing Home Building "B" was built in 1951,the oldest wing of the Nursing Home was originally used as a T.B. Hospital and years later turned into a Nursing Home. The building is of the Art Deco style and has six floors and a basement. Many who have worked here, have seen ghosts. The ghosts have been of dead people who have worked there years ago, such as Nurses and Maintenance Men who still feel compassionate towards the building and residents. Hillcrest is known for its caring staff. Living and Deceased.

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Anonymous said...

Employees also talk about a boy they call Henry. It is told that you can hear him playing ball when all is quiet in the home. Residents will talk about a little boy that was in there room talking to them. Henry likes to ride the elevators and press buttons. This is the experience I had there. There has never been a time that I have gone there and not felt like I was being watched from "building B" as I am walking to and from the building. Today August 3, 2014 around 11:30 am. I got on the elevator on the main floor and I was alone. I put the code in and pushed the number two. It lit up like normal. As the doors opened on the second floor the lit up button went off, again like normal. Before I stepped off I felt not really a cold breeze but a cold which is not normal because this facility is hot. Then ALL the numbers lit up at the same time and clicked like they do when they are being pushed. I want to state again I was on the elevator alone. I feel Henry was making his presence known to me.