Monday, April 14, 2014

Newport, TN - Memorial Building

The memorial building was used back in the 60's to store the remains of bodies that were left behind from a plane crash in Parrotsville, which killed about 6070 people. In 2000, a group of college students decided to do a research paper on the building for their psychology class. The group had to return to the building three times because of being scared out of unexplained things. That night they got ran out by a scream of a women in the attic, so they waited a couple of days and went back. It got to the last guy, and his mission was to go to the gym. He had only been there for three min, and he starting screaming and said that a little boy appeared in front of him sitting in Indian style staring at him. He said the boy had a shaggy bole cut, which was the hair style that was in the 60`s. He said when he looked at the boy he could tell that the boy was startled, because he could see him. He tilted his head back and seamed also. That was by far the last trip they made to finish their project. When the boys went back to review their work, they noticed that when the second guy had went to the basement for his ten minute section. They saw a shadow figure fly by, but when u pause it just right, you can see that there is a figure of a man standing right behind him just staring at the guy.

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