Tuesday, June 17, 2014

San Juan, Puerto Rico - El Morro Castle

A fort that is centuries old. In a lighthouse, there are footsteps, moans, and yellow orbs of light that hover above the ground. Many people claim to see old soldiers. The fort was also used for supposedly Christopher Columbus.

Monday, June 16, 2014

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Tapia Theatre

This mid nineteenth century theater in Old San Juan is currently closed and under renovation. It is a nexus of paranormal activity. The ghost of a woman in Edwardian dress has been seen in box 105 where she appears suddenly behind theater patrons in the middle of a performance. Other ghostly activity has been witnessed by actors on stage such as apparitions seated in the boxes and moving about the mezzanine level. The huge loading dock doors have been known to unlatch and open by themselves in the presence of dozens of witnesses. Maybe the current renovation may disturb the spirits even further.

Friday, June 13, 2014

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Old Condado Beach Hotel and Casino

This was a very old structure build at the turn of the century by Vanderbilt and now closed. Employees working the night shift always were spooked when around the area of the service elevator on the sixth floor. Security personnel when bumping into room service or house keeping employees always used to scare each other on this floor. Something that never happened on other floors. This being that as soon as you stepped on this floor you felt the strangest overpowering feeling you have ever experienced. It was a combination of sadness and evil all together in one. This was because of the haunting of the Lady in White. It was said that she was a relative of one of the victims of the Dupont Plaza fire. And could not take the tragic death of a loved one in that fire and threw herself down the shaft of the service elevator of the Condado Beach. Employees would either encounter the Lady in White in the rooms, or walking down the hallways. And when not seen you would be able to feel her presence or smell a ladies perfume in the area.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bayamon, Puerto Rico - Plaza del Sol

Plaza del Sol Mall is a popular hang out amongst young teens, and it's distinguished by the 3 landmark hills surrounding it. But it holds a dark secret. Before construction, the crew had to destroy and dig through parts of the 3 hills, unlocking what it appeared as a Taino Indian Burial Ground. There they found skulls, human bones and many Taino artifacts, but all of this had to be kept under the table to avoid protests and ultimately, a stop to the project. The Mall was finally built; but some people feel the presence of the old, leering in anger by such disturbance.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Memphis, TN - Overton Park

According to several witnesses an old lady with a long light blue dress has been seen walking around the south side the lake at night...she asks for help with an out stretched arm, but when approached she vanishes. It was reported that the body of a lady with a blue dress had been found near this lake raped and stabbed in the 1960's but it's unknown if there is a connection.