Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Roan Mountain, TN - Dark Hollow Cemetery

On Dark Hollow Road in rural Carter County, just outside of Roan Mountain, TN there is a small cemetery which is said to be the source of some quite unusual occurrences. Located on a hillside and surrounded by forests, this cemetery is full of unmarked graves. In one of these graves lies a man named Jankins, and possibly a lady named Delinda. The story goes that long ago, perhaps at the turn of the century, there was a woman in the community named Delinda. Delinda was not what most would consider an attractive woman, but she was known as a great lover. She never married any of her lovers, perhaps because many of them were already married to other women. This didn`t stop her from pleasing them, however.
It wasn`t long before the women in the community became tired of these antics. The real kicker occurred when Delinda got sick, which caused most of the men in the community to also get sick. A preacher at church demanded that the wives put an end to their behavior. Though he did not tell them to be violent with Delinda, they decided to do so anyway. As they marched towards her home, she hid. Assuming she was gone, the ladies returned home. Delinda was never seen again.
One of her favorite lovers was a man named Jankins, who died that very same day from a gunshot wound to the chest. His wife must have left his rifle loaded by mistake (or not, depending on your point of view), because he accidentally shot himself in the chest. At his funeral, Delinda was not present. Most folks assumed she had fled the town. One person did claim to see a shadowy figure lurking near the casket. Also when the casket was carried to the cemetery, it seemed much heavier than it should. Rumors spread that Delinda had been insanely in love with Jankins, and had climbed into his coffin. Some people didn`t care much though, at least that problem was taken care of.
Today, if you drive by this cemetery after dark, you can sometimes feel a bump in your car, as if someone has just leaped onto the back. That`s Delinda, or so local lore says. Since she never received a proper Christian burial, her spirit is restless, and she wants to leave this cemetery, where she has no peace. Some have even said she was a witch, though there is no real evidence of this.

So if you`re ever driving along Dark Hollow Road and feel a bump in the car, don`t worry. It`s only Delinda, looking for a way out. 

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