Monday, September 29, 2014

Campbellsville, KY - M&R Estates

M&R estates is located in Taylor County. In the civil war days the confederate soldiers took the war prisoners to this house for execution. They were murdered and hung in the barn behind the house. As the legend goes there are extreme temperature changes in the house, also the screams can be heard at night by people that walk down the road. On some occasions people have been known to see blood drip from the rafters of the old barn. The entire property is haunted and not many people dare to cross its boundaries if you do there is no telling what could happen. It seems as though people that go across its lines have been tortured in the future as in their dreams and everyday life. It will be a life changing experience. 

Hummel, KY - Hummel Rd. Photographer

There is a road in Rockcastle county that runs behind the Renfro Valley entertainment complex. It is named Hummell road as the community is named the same. This road is the setting for many supernatural events, the most widely talked about being the ghost of the nature photographer John Reilly Weaver. He used to walk the Hummel road and Buckeye church road taking pictures of the beautiful scenery in the area. One day John disappeared and wasn't heard from till years later when he should have long since been dead. Local residents still claim that they can still see him walking the
road taking pictures.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Bowling Green, Ky - Russellville Rd

Off of old Russellville rd. There is a old haunted wooden bridge, When u drive across it, It makes eerie sounds just put your car in neutral and let it roll across. Also people say if u go to it at midnight and park, you can see headlights come up out of the water from a woman who drove off of it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Martin, TN - University of Tennessee - Clement Hall

This is the oldest building on campus and is used as a dorm hall when needed. On the fourth floor a student killed herself and has since haunted the hall. The annual haunted house is held here, but not on the fourth floor. Students have reported strange happenings on the fourth floor, especially in the community bathroom.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Russellville, TN - Morristown Block

The business known as Morristown block was originally known as The Vaughn Block Company, which formed in the 1930's. In the mid 60's, the company secretary, who was engaged in a romantic affair with the owner apparently committed suicide in the front office. Actually, it was widely assumed that Mr. Vaughn killed the secretary who was also his sister in law because of a possible pregnancy. People who have worked late in the office have been known to hear a struggle between a man and a woman and then a silence. Persons living across the street from the block company in the house formerly owned by the secretary have reported the presence of a woman who could be described as looking like Mr. Vaughn`s secretary. The spirit is not said to be evil, but very watchful,
especially when the seasons change.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Powell, TN - Copper Ridge Baptist Church

Reports of seeing black figures, moving around inside, and you can hear screams up at the old barn, about 75 to 100 yards away from the church. Once a group of boys went in with a tape recorder, and they left it inside, while they remained outside. On the way home they listened to the recorder, and you can distinctly hear a little girl say " help us." The boys went back and put the tape recorder in the church, overnight. Upon their return, and listening to the tape, you can hear all kinds of things moving around all night, and after the tape had been running for about 15 minutes, you can hear footsteps come up to the recorder and turn it off.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Millington, TN - The Smoke Stacks

This used to be a gunpowder factory during the world wars. Most of it is under ground and a lot of tunnels. Rumor has it that it was used by an old crazy homeless man to kill and hide his victims. The factory is off limits but you can see the stacks for miles. rumor has it the woods are haunted by the old man's victims and the tunnels are haunted by the old man.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mountain Home, TN - Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center at Mountain Home, Johnson City, Tennessee, was built in the early part of the twentieth century as a hospital and domiciliary for those veterans from the South who had fought in the Northern army during the Civil War. Of course, there were many. Upper East Tennessee, especially, was an abolitionist stronghold. In fact, when Tennessee took their vote on whether or not to secede from the Union, East Tennessee overwhelmingly elected to stay. Buildings on the post are constructed in the Spanish Revival style and, because of this, many resemble gothic structures right out of a horror movie. In addition to the old hospital and domiciliary buildings, there is a large Nation cemetery behind the post, a creaky old theater, and over 100 acres of open land that is partially wooded. Needless to say, a number of ghostly legends surround the site, although a person seldom hears first-hand accounts of specific instances. From the information I have gathered, these are the ghosts of Mountain Home. 
There is a belief that Memorial Hall (the theater) is haunted. Every once in a while a shadow, in human shape, can be seen flitting across the stage. Although I have never met anyone personally who has seen the apparition, I have had some personal experiences with mysterious noises connected with the building. Raps, loud popping, and squeaks, are heard often. This, of course, can be easily attributed to the fact that the building is very old and constructed primarily of wood. But who knows for sure? It is also said that that if you sit under the stage and listen very quietly, you can hear footsteps breading the boards over your head--even though there is no one else in the theater but yourself.

Some of the long-term members of the domiciliary say that, sometimes at night, the figure of a World War I doughboy in full dress uniform can be seen walking down the street in front of Building Five. The figure, I'm told, looks very misty and trods about six inches above the pavement. 
The gallery of the library building, next to Building Five, is said to be haunted by a ghostly browser. In life the man, an avid reader, was supposed to have suffered a fatal heart attack and died on the gallery. Another version of this story relates that the ghost is of a man who committed suicide by jumping over the railing the encircles the gallery of the library. 
The duck pond, situated below the new domiciliary building, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who drowned there. Occasionally his ghost emerges from the water, looks around, then sinks back again. Building Three of the domiciliary is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who committed suicide in Ward A about ten years ago. He stabbed himself with a pair of scissors. 
Finally there is the tale of an abandoned pond and the ghost of a small child. To the left of the administration building of the Quillen Medical School there is a distinct depression in the earth of an open field. A person can't miss it. At one time the depression held a shallow pond, filled with fish, and available as a center of recreation for hospital residents as well as visitors from Johnson City. One frequent fisherman was the small son of the hospital administrator. Tragically, on a late night fishing expedition, the child fell into the pond and drowned. His grief-stricken father ordered the pond drained. But, to this day, childish cries of help are still heard coming from the old pond area.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Oneida, TN - Scott County Hospital

The ghost of a hospital psychiatric patient who dived off the end of a bed and killed herself is said to ride the elevators to the nursery to see the newborn babies. Her name is Cora and she opens doors and knocks items off of shelves. There was a report of someone seeing a woman walking onto the elevator near the nursery. They yelled for her to hold the elevator doors and when they walked into the elevator there was no one there.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Oxford, TN - The Van Gilder House

The Van Gilder House was home of Frank Van Gilder until he died. He left a numbers of haunts throughout the home. The Paranormal Ghost Society of Tennessee recorded numbers of sounds, but there were no sightings.