Monday, October 6, 2014

Campbellsville, KY - Spurlington tunnel

Nancy Bass lived in Campbellsville, KY in the year 1850. Nancy was reputed to be an outcast and would cast spells on people. If she disliked someone they would come down with a mysterious illness and all types of misfortunes. She had no home and frequently was seen wandering barns and haystacks late at night. She was disliked by her neighbors so much that they wanted to burn her. She made the mistake of telling them the only way she would die was by killing her with a silver bullet..In 1868 she was reported dead at the home of a man named Wright..when he opened the door she fell inside and told Wright she would be dead in twenty four hours. Later as she was being prepared for the funeral the coroner found a small hole near her heart and a silver bullet. It is said if you visit the Spurlington tunnel and take a picture at the entrance of the tunnel when the film is developed you will see the distinct form of a woman. Unusual happenings are reported there to this day. 

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