Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bardstown, KY - The Old Talbott Tavern

The old Talbott Tavern was built in 1779, it was once an old stagecoach stop and Pony Express hub that provided food and shelter. Recent guest and staff have reported ghostly activity. After the fire in 1998, which destroyed the roof and most of the second floor underground tunnels, secret rooms, and stairs going nowhere have added to the mystery. The Talbott did not reopen until 1999, after heavy renovations.
The Daniel Boone room was again, according to the staff, the room the most reports came from. Supposedly if someone sits in the large chair in the corner of the room, whatever is in the room with you doesn't like it too much. The Inn keeper's exact words were "he doesn't like it when you sit in his chair".
The main landing on the second floor also had it's own ghostly tale. One of the women at the front desk told us the story of a man whom had been murdered upstairs and now his spirit tries to transform into different objects in the room, a claim that I had never heard before of any entity. Pretty neat!

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