Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tompkinsville, KY - Dancing Ghost on Meshack Road

This story has many of the classic elements. It takes place in Tompkinsville, Kentucky. Two young men are on their way to a dance when they spot a girl their age walking along the road in a party dress. They stop and ask if she`d like to attend the dance with them. She accepts and spends the evening dancing with them. When the dance is finished, the young men offer to take her home and she insists they drop her off at a certain spot. They agree, and since it is raining, one of the boys gives her his coat, saying he will pick it up from her later. As she requests, they drop her off at a house on Meshack Road. A few days later, the boy returns to the house to retrieve his coat... but is told by the woman at the house that the girl he describes sounds like her daughter, who died in an accident on that road. When the boy visits her grave at the cemetery, his coat is laying beside her tombstone.

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Roger Belt said...

I am going to use this story on my you tube live show if you don't mind.