Monday, January 26, 2015

Maysville, KY - Hayswood hospital

Located at the north end of 4th street, Abandoned since the early 1980`s. People who live near it have said they have often seen strange lights in the windows and heard infant’s cries. Also some have claimed to see a figure standing in the last window on the third floor both day and night. Others who have been inside since its closing have noticed an old stretcher that seems to move on its own, others have said to have been followed by shadows accompanied by voices and the feeling of being watched. Others have claimed to see doctors in the halls and heard the cries of past patients. Red glowing eyes and what seems to be some sort of dog that seems to be chasing something have been seen, also cold spots and children playing in the waiting rooms. In the basement and all over the building are strange markings as if they are warnings of some kind, anyone who goes in, walks past, or drives by have said they felt sick and a threatening hostility. It is believed to haunt the entire town. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Maysville, Ky - Washington Opera house

Located just down the Ohio River from Cincinnati, the Washington Opera House of Maysville, Kentucky, has seen its share of drama and tragedy, both onstage and off. The theater tradition in Mason County dates back over two centuries. Performances at the Washington, Kentucky, “Court House” were announced in the local newspaper, complete with play titles, performance dates and prices – the first record of a stage performance west of the Allegheny Mountains. By 1817, a theater had been built in nearby Maysville at the corner of Second Street and Fish Street, now Wall Street.

In April 1850, a fire destroyed most of West Second Street, taking with it, among other buildings, the original theater and the Presbyterian Church, known as the Old Blue Church. The church congregation decided to relocate to Third Street, and The Opera House, a very elegant theater, was built on the lot they left vacant. At this time, two fire companies were formed, one named the Washington Fire Company, in the hopes another disaster of the fire’s magnitude could be avoided.
Unfortunately, fire struck again on January 30, 1898, and The Opera House was gutted. The Washington Fire Company, regretful they could not save the beautiful theater, vowed to restore it. Construction took almost 10 years and cost $24,000, and the Washington Opera House, as it came to be called, reopened in 1908.

Now the fifth oldest performing arts theater in the United States, the Washington Opera House has presented performances by notables such as Marguerite Clark, Tom Mix and John Philip Sousa and his band. It even hosted the premiere of George Clooney’s The Leatherheads in March 2008. (Maysville holds a special place in George Clooney’s heart. It was the early home of his father, Nick, and his aunt, actress Rosemary Clooney. He named his production company Maysville Pictures, and the company logo is a sketch of Maysville’s iconic bridge across the Ohio River.)

But the Maysville Players, in residence since 1962, are not the only performers to call the Washington Opera House home. While the story has changed over the years and varies according to who is telling it, almost all agree that Loretta still performs there as well.

Loretta (Laura) Stambo was said to be a singer or dancer in a local traveling troupe that regularly performed at the old Opera House. Sometime shortly before the Opera House burned, the troupe passed through again, and Loretta, ill with pneumonia, vowed to go on, as the venue was her favorite. Sadly, she collapsed on stage and died a short time later, some say in a nearby hotel room while others say she passed in her dressing room. Either way, Loretta’s dying wish was to be buried beneath the theater she loved, the Opera House.
It’s not known if Loretta’s wish was granted as no records were kept or stories reported. However, legend says it was and that she was buried beneath the floor of the dressing room, directly under the stage she loved so well.

While the fire may have destroyed any evidence of Loretta’s grave, it did not deter her presence, and she’s been a resident of the Washington Opera House since its opening. Some of the paranormal activity attributed to Loretta includes disembodied voices, levitating objects and exploding bottles. She’s even reported to have attempted to drop an overhead stage light on a group of people who had gathered on the stage to discuss the possibility of buying the theater and tearing it down.

Other stories of Loretta depict her as being quite helpful to performers and stage hands. During one dress rehearsal, a wooden beam came dislodged and fell toward the stage below, but it suddenly slowed its descent, as if guided by ghostly hands, allowing the people under it to escape harm. Loretta was given thanks. She was also thanked when a stage hand asked another for a board, only to have it levitate and then gently deposited at her feet.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Maysville, KY - Phillips Folly

Phillips Folly begun in 1825 by William B. Phillips, Maysville's 2nd mayor, it was the largest home in town with 12 rooms and 6 bedrooms built on a dry foundation of stone set without mortar. Phillips ran out of money during construction and disappeared.  The house became known as "Phillips Folly". It is said he won enough money gambling in New Orleans to complete the home in 1831. John Armstrong bought the home in 1838 and is said to haunt the upstairs front porch with his Newfoundland dog. According to oral history, runaway slaves were held in a wooden cell on the lower level and the house has also been a stop on the Underground Railroad. The cell also thought to have been the town jail at one time.
Besides the ghost of Mr. Armstrong and his dog, there have been reports of footsteps on the stairs, strange voices, and partial apparitions.  People that have visited also report being touched by an unseen force.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Paducah, KY - Emma Morgan Elementary

In the little kids playground, through the gates, you will be talking and back around the corner you can hear the sound of a bike being slammed up against the gates, but when you walk back there, it stops. There are also voices and footsteps in the halls, especially in the hallway that has the names of the past principals listed. Also, for two miles around it, almost all of the houses have had paranormal activity. No one knows the identity of the school's ghosts, but most of the ghosts in the community are either past owners or past owners' pets. Also, the place used to be a gravel pit. According to myth, many people died on construction of the town, and, to keep people from knowing that some people had died unexplained deaths, there buried them under the town.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Paducah, KY - Oak Grove Cemetery

The spirit of a young woman named Della Barnes walks through this cemetery on certain nights. Documents claim she was accidentally poisoned by the doctor who was treating her for an illness. Legend has a different story though. Some people believe that her fiancĂ©e murdered her in a fit of rage. He even went as far to cut off her left ring finger in order to retrieve the expensive engagement ring he had given her. There is also an iron rod statue of an angel that is said to turn and face a different direction in the cemetery. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Paducah, KY - Whitehaven

A restored mansion, now a rest area, and open to the public. A female apparition has occasionally been sighted on the balcony attached to the second floor bedroom, believed to be the owner`s wife. Legend has it she bled to death during an appendectomy. The feeling in that room is very pleasant, however, due to how much she loved that room her husband had the room and balcony added on especially for her. She has been known to turn off the lights in that room, and the sounds of long skirts swishing as well as the scent of her perfume have been noted. Also, even though the old kitchen is now the employees` break room, there have been times the smells of someone cooking a huge feast have greeted startled visitors. It has been known to happen during the holidays, mainly Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a beautiful place to visit, even if you don`t get to meet the happy spirits inhabiting this great house. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Whitley City, KY - Granny`s Old Farm House On School Road

Granny's Old Farm House On School Road. In 1940's two young men was shot to their death on the stairway while trying to escape from law officials. The old house burned but a new house was built in its place. In this new house you sometimes see balls of light, hear footsteps, and door slamming late at night.

Not the real house.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Whitley City, KY - Barren Fork

There is supposed to be a witch buried in the Grave yard, there is a house built around her grave and there are times that you can go and the house will be locked. And there are times you will go and the house will not be locked...As you turn on the road it gets very cold even in the Summer time. Her name was Anna Foster and she died at the age of 28. In the last year or so her headstone has been stolen and the shelter over her grave has been vandalized and almost torn apart. It's sad and the submitter has nearly cry every time they see it. They are looking into fixing the shelter themselves. But they cannot afford to replace her headstone, unfortunately. Upon research they have discovered that she is not the witch everyone thinks. The real witch's grave is located just inside the woods next to this cemetery. Again, we have to state that if you are going to investigate these places, have respect for the people involved with these places. To destroy history, and vandalize graves proves nothing but your foolishness.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Brandenburg, KY - Meade County High School

In the band room, there are cold spots in the room, voices can be heard, and there have been sightings of a boy with a tuba standing in the window when the school is empty. There were rumors that our vice principal had photos of a concrete worker bent over inspecting something on the floor. The story goes that this person died when he fell while the school was being built. Behind the football field of the school there is a graveyard, and people have their own opinions as to why the school is haunted. Also on April 7, 1974, the gym was used for a funeral. After the tornadoes on May 4, they used the old high school gym as a morgue for all those who died. Sometimes you can hear voices in the hallways.