Friday, January 2, 2015

Brandenburg, KY - Meade County High School

In the band room, there are cold spots in the room, voices can be heard, and there have been sightings of a boy with a tuba standing in the window when the school is empty. There were rumors that our vice principal had photos of a concrete worker bent over inspecting something on the floor. The story goes that this person died when he fell while the school was being built. Behind the football field of the school there is a graveyard, and people have their own opinions as to why the school is haunted. Also on April 7, 1974, the gym was used for a funeral. After the tornadoes on May 4, they used the old high school gym as a morgue for all those who died. Sometimes you can hear voices in the hallways.

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Tamela Goldbach said...

i remenber this the tornado was the worse i ever lived through, i was 11 at the time.
and the schools are truly haunted...