Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Maysville, KY - Phillips Folly

Phillips Folly begun in 1825 by William B. Phillips, Maysville's 2nd mayor, it was the largest home in town with 12 rooms and 6 bedrooms built on a dry foundation of stone set without mortar. Phillips ran out of money during construction and disappeared.  The house became known as "Phillips Folly". It is said he won enough money gambling in New Orleans to complete the home in 1831. John Armstrong bought the home in 1838 and is said to haunt the upstairs front porch with his Newfoundland dog. According to oral history, runaway slaves were held in a wooden cell on the lower level and the house has also been a stop on the Underground Railroad. The cell also thought to have been the town jail at one time.
Besides the ghost of Mr. Armstrong and his dog, there have been reports of footsteps on the stairs, strange voices, and partial apparitions.  People that have visited also report being touched by an unseen force.

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