Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Richmond, KY - Four Mile Bridge

There was a 16 year old girl raped and murdered near the Four Mile bridge, they call her little Egypt, if you go to the bridge on a rainy night right before dark call her name three times crack the two front windows she will come into the car as a puff of wind, and ride with you to see if you are the people that killed her, if not she will get out. They say if you don't crack the windows she can't get out and she will wreck the car.

She was killed on the old bridge and thrown over yes different people experience different things but go at night late stop on bridge open passenger door of your car wait ,if she comes your seat will sink you can see it close the door and drive on four mile but if you stop open door the seat will rise as if someone unseen is getting out your fine but drive past the spot where the old pillars were and you will experience problems some have wrecked been bitten scratched try it but the pillars were at the entrance to their farm the home sat back off the road was torn down ten years or so ago now there's five or six houses on the land on the right driveway entrance pillars had Egypt on them and was the family name they bulldozed them when they were clearing to build.

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