Monday, March 16, 2015

Helton, KY - Beechfork Elementary School

This Old school was closed down last year. Because it became in such bad need of repairs, it was no big thing at first. All the equipment was removed, and the students were moved to a new school some 15 miles away. After a while lights begin to be seen late at night. While there is no power at all in the old school, and if you stop on the highway that runs close by it, you can still hear the voices of students and teachers. Sometimes late at night, especial if it's raining, a lone figure of a man can be seen walking the school grounds. They say it is the ghost of the man that donated the land for the school. They say that he is very unhappy that his school has been closed down, and that all of the children are gone. If you don`t move on soon, he will begin to walk toward your car. With a wicked look on his face, he wants to make sure that nothing happens to his school. After all he loved kids, that's why he gave the land for a school in the first place.

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