Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Paintsville, KY - Ramada Inn

The Ramada Inn was built on haunted grounds. The once place called Bristle Buck. At the Ramada, employees have had firsthand experience at haunting. In the kitchen pans will come flying from off the wall at whoever. Late at night in the atrium there have been the footsteps of a woman in high heels heard, this is every night. You don't want to go into one of the banquet rooms alone, you will feel as if someone is behind you.

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Brittani Cain said...

Hey, That was once my family's land taken by emante domain. My
great great Grandma Francis once owned the property a store was there and a few homes. She suffered a stroke after a family tragedy and moved to Ashland. There she lived until she had passed away in a home there. I literally was just there today(7/14/18) With my grandfather Tackett. I would love to stay here just to see if I could communicate with her just to see if I could get some kind of evidence just for him.