Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Typo, KY - Dead Mans Curve

This happens in a little place called Typo, where a man haunts the railroad tracks as some people know as Dead Man`s Curve. People seem to see things that are very weird like a strange man roaming the track`s, waiting for someone to step in his track`s so he can attack or maybe even kill them. The man will soon give up and let you go and let you be till you quit fighting. Then he will walk off for someone else to step in those tracks.

Busy, KY - Beachopening Rd

20 to 25 year ago a man was killed in a car accident, now after dark foggy figures have been saw, if you're walking rocks will be thrown at you, people yelling for help, and if you're riding your bike make sure to have knee pads on because you will get thrown off and no one around.